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Get ready for the first “Fast & Furious 7” teaser trailer in one month!

This fantastic news comes directly from Vin Diesel aka Dominic Toretto himself, who shared the latest “Fast and Furious 7” update on his official Instagram yesterday, September 30, 2014.

Vin Diesel: One month away from the first look… FF7

Aside from a few set photos of Jason Statham, we weren’t teased much else about his role as Ian Shaw, so we can’t wait to finally get our first good look at our favorite Brit in action. Bring it on!


4 Comments on “Get ready for the first “Fast & Furious 7” teaser trailer in one month!”

  1. iam excited to see the movies even jason is bad in his character there but he proves only versatility in acting

    1. Exactly, and to play a “bad” person doesn’t have to be a negative thing. We can relate to Ian Shaw and his pain about his brother’s death, people are emotional and sometimes do irrational things to revenge someone. We are really excited to see Jason in a different role that allows him to explore the darkness of his character.

  2. This month is going to be like hell and I’m getting crazy .He is going to fight Toretto and Hobbs and he should defeat and knock out both of them.with his amazing skills he has made this one the best fast one can mess with him.I hope he will be an unstoppable villain and hunt every single one of them down.

    1. Haha We hear you, Iman. And then we might not even get to see a lot of our favorite man since the trailer has to be suspenseful and not reveal too much about the story line. Of course we would want him to come out alive in the end and perhaps unite with the Toretto clan like Hobbs did, but he’s on a clear mission to revenge his brother and we do hope he’s got a group of people behind him so the odds are in his favor.

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