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First official trailer of “Furious 7” featuring Jason Statham as Ian Shaw

The first official trailer of the seventh installment “Furious 7” was released today, November 1, 2014 at the live launch event in Los Angeles, California. We are finally offered a look at Jason Statham as Ian Shaw, who is out for revenge after Toretto and team killed his brother Owen in the previous installment. Our favorite Brit is absolutely fantastic in it and takes on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Vin Diesel.

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8 Comments on “First official trailer of “Furious 7” featuring Jason Statham as Ian Shaw”

  1. Well,I’m a little disappointed with this trailer.Yes,enough Jason and he was fantastic but it didn’t show him kicking their also didn’t show him in a driving stunt
    I think that’s unfair.I hope he comes on top in his two main fights and not lose or I will bawl.It also didn’t show Tony Jaa in action.It was also emotional watching Paul Walker.Let’s wait and see how next trailer is going to be.I prefer to see him in a new F&F movie reboot or something like that not with those people cause he should have the lead role and I can’t see him team up with Diesel,both are different but that’s OK with Sly .something I have noticed in the trailer is that Owen Shaw’s brother’s name was written Deckard Shaw on a paper .What was that?

    1. That’s because it’s a trailer. They are not supposed to show everything in it because the viewers should be still surprised. We have to agree with Vin Diesel that this is the best trailer of the whole franchise so far and we really enjoyed it. Of course, you are entitled to your own opinion and we know the trailer won’t please everyone. It will be a wonderful tribute to Paul, I think they all outdid themselves for the seventh installment. And the addition of our Jason is just fantastic, we have no other words to describe our excitement. And you might be right, perhaps it’s not a good idea for Toretto and Shaw to team up but there are other ways how you can keep Shaw for the next installment.

      We believe Ian Shaw was originally Deckard Shaw or there’s another brother? Guess we will find that out later on when we get to watch the film, but nice catch!

  2. Oh that’s me on this comment above.just picked up a fake name and email address for something else.I’m sorry I made a big mistake.

  3. Hey. I think it will be very good movie. All the actors are show their best in it. Maybe Jason did not show in this trailer much, i think this movie not jst abt him, this movie abt lots of good actors and actress and this include Jason too. I am sure it will be good and cool movie. Will see tht. Thank u 4ur public tht. Kind regards from Hungary.

    1. Hey Angel,

      Yes, the trailer looks phenomenal. Now we are even more excited about the film and Jason’s role in it. You are right, the franchise features many good actors and Jason has to share his screen time with them, but we are sure he will have more to do than in Expendables 3. And no problem, always good to see you on here.

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