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*UPDATED* First Look at Jason Statham on set of “The Expendables 3”

And here it is, people!

Our first on the set photo of our favorite Brit Jason Statham shared by his Expendable mate Terry Crews. You really have to look twice to recognize him under that red baseball hat of his, but, of course, we the fans would spot him even with a brown paper bag over his head.

The photo was taken at the Varna shipyard in Bulgaria today, August 21, 2013, which was transformed into a Somali port to accommodate the scenes set in Somalia.

Terry Crews: EX3–Like the Beatles if they blew things up.

Below you can check out a short on set video from filming at the Varna shipyard and the corresponding article can be found HERE.

UPDATE: We have added several more on set photos of Jason Statham to our gallery.


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