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First Look at Jason Statham as “Spy” in Paul Feig’s comedy

Let’s start the day with some awesome news!

Velvet has the first few set photos of Jason Statham filming “Spy” in Budapest, Hungary yesterday, April 15, 2014. These fantastic snapshots were taken at the cafe & restaurant Callas, where our favorite Brit filmed his very first scenes right across from the Hungarian State Opera.

If you take a closer look (like we have to point this out), you will not only notice Jason’s brilliant wardrobe but also a dark-haired guy at the entrance who carries a backpack identical with Jason’s. However, the mysterious guy’s backpack seems to look bulkier. Could there be a secret exchange taking place? We also have a feeling that Jason’s cup of coffee might end up on his beautiful coat, since he is to play an overconfident yet clumsy spy.



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