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Director Simon West goes into detail about “Wild Card” and Jason Statham’s preparation for it

Film3Sixty has interviewed director Simon West about his latest film “Wild Card” and what it took for Jason Statham to portray his character right.

How was it reuniting with Jason Statham?

It’s great! We’re old pals and we have a short hand. It’s not like you have to be that polite anymore – you just cut to the chase – and more like friends where you don’t have to beat around the bush. You both trust each other’s skills and know what each other is good at and what you’re like. I think that’s why actors and directors often continue working together if they get on because you can just concentrate on the work.

Did Jason have to learn the tricks of the trade of gambling?

Yeah he learnt all of the games in the script off by heart and we had technical advisors from casinos in Vegas so we spent a lot of time getting all the technicalities right. Before the film, I didn’t know all the ins-and-outs of it as well from how you touch to the cards to where and how you put the chips down. We had professional gamblers as well – there was a guy who had lost millions in one night – and one in particular was telling us how he behaved in the casino; everything was vey extensively rehearsed. In Vegas they can spot what is real and what isn’t so we wanted to make it as accurate as possible

You can read the rest of the interview here.

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