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Director Paul Feig: I’ve been a fan of Jason Statham forever

In its recent article, EW calls Jason Statham the comedic secret weapon in “Spy” and we thought the exact same thing when we watched the film at a pre-screening back in March. So it doesn’t surprise us to learn how difficult it was for director Paul Feig and co-star Melissa McCarthy to keep a straight face while filming with our favorite Brit.

“I’ve been a fan of Jason Statham forever,” says Feig. “When I first saw Crank I thought, ‘This guy actually knows how to be funny using his persona. So I became obsessed for years about getting Statham into a comedy. When I was writing Spy I thought, this is the one.”

“He was Paul’s greatest toy,” Melissa McCarthy says. “Paul would run in with a full legal pad covered and Jason would just be like, ‘Yeah, okay.’ And then he’d start going into saying all this crazy ridiculous stuff. I don’t break often, but I had a bit of a rough time with him.”

“I’d see Paul laugh through entire takes. There were times I’d start laughing and have to turn my back to him so he’d only just have to watch my weird shoulder shaking,” McCarthy recalls.

In one memorable scene, McCarthy’s character is hanging out of a helicopter and Statham’s Rick Ford thinks he can help her… and in the process finds an interesting life-saving grip. “Poor Melissa: I was like, ‘Grab her boobs!’” says Feig. “But what could be funnier than Jason Statham getting handsy with you as you’re hanging out of a helicopter?”

We say “Spy 2” is a must at this point.


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