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CinemaCon 2014: “Fast & Furious 7” Footage; “The Expendables 3” Logo

CinemaCon, the largest and most important gathering of movie theater owners from around the world, is currently happening in Las Vegas, Nevada. Several writers from well-known film websites are on location to cover this exciting event, so thanks to them, we have some awesome “Fast and Furious 7” teaser material as well as the official logo for “The Expendables 3.”

Major spoilers ahead, so think twice before proceeding.

We have gathered excerpts mentioning Jason Statham, so head over to each film website if you want to read ALL of the “Fast and Furious 7” footage screened at CinemaCon.

CinemaBlend: In addition to seeing some familiar faces, including Dwayne Johnson’s Hobbs, the shots also revealed a couple of new characters, including Jason Statham’s Ian Shaw (who enters into a room wearing a sharp suit and fires rounds of a huge machine gun into the ceiling to get an audience’s attention) and Kurt Russell’s mystery character (who is shown maniacally laughing into the camera). We then hear a voice over from Dom, who says, “This time it ain’t just about being fast.”

LatinoReview: There’s a lot of quick montage scenes after that, including a first look at the villain Ian Shaw (Jason Statham) shooting a machine gun into the ceiling.

Variety: Jason Statham and Kurt Russell are shaping up to be the film’s resident bad guys, and Michelle Rodriguez seems to have retained her memory from the last film.

IGN: We also were treated to glimpses of Jason Statham’s villain Ian Shaw sporting what looked to be a grenade launcher in the midst of a swanky soiree filled with the usual array of lovely and lethal ladies, Kurt Russell maniacally laughing (always a welcome addition to any action film), and Michelle Rodriguez going toe-to-toe with UFC champ Ronda Rousey in an elaborate hand-to-hand fight.

Thanks to Collider, we also have our first look at the moderate “The Expendables 3” logo presented at the CinemaCon. Team: The “Fast and Furious 7” footage featuring our favorite Brit Jason Statham sounds absolutely fantastic! We have no doubt that he will take care of business no matter who gets in his way.


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