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Chuck Logan’s “Homefront” novel gets rereleased with Jason Statham on the front cover

Jason Statham’s upcoming new film “Homefront” is based on Chuck Logan‘s 2005 novel of the same name, which will be available in paperback and ebook tie-in editions on November 26, 2013, one day before the film opens in US theaters. HarperCollins will release the repackaged “Homefront” novel with the film’s official poster featuring Jason Statham, James Franco and Izabela Vidovic on the front cover.


Book Description:

How far would you go to protect your family?

Phil Broker and Nina Pryce moved to Glacier Falls, Minnesota, seeking some peace and rest. No one in the wintry backlands knows about them or how, just a few months back, they were major players in averting a serious act of terrorism—one that has left them both physically and psychologically shaken.

But when a schoolyard bully provokes their daughter, Kit, and she gives him a bloody nose, the Broker family is set in the crosshairs of a vengeful local clan, notorious for violence and criminal behavior, that includes ex-con Gator Bodine, who knows a thing or two about Broker’s past as an undercover cop. And when Gator learns of Broker’s role in a drug sting that resulted in the death of a mobster’s son, he lets the mob boss know just where to find Broker.

As Broker finds himself caught between a band of backwoods meth cookers and a hit man bent on revenge, he has no choice but to take justice into his own hands to keep his family safe.


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