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Our “Furious Seven” Review: You don’t know me, you are about to

We made our way to the cinema on April 5, 2015 to watch “Furious Seven” and we finally had enough time to share our thoughts about Jason Statham taking over the seventh installment.

Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) sets out to revenge his brother Owen and goes after Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and gang, who put him into the hospital.

The opening scene was THE highlight of the whole film. It introduced Jason Statham’s character in such a visual way that there was no doubt about his abilities to cause serious damage to those he was after. The opening scene was truly breathtaking as well as exhilarating and Statham knew how to make a haunting impression with his body language alone.

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Our “Spy” Review: Oh c’mon, you know you loved it

We had the best time at the pre-screening of “Spy” in Boston, Massachusetts yesterday, March 31, 2015 and here is our review for you.

CIA analyst Susan Cooper (played by Melissa McCarthy) volunteers to go undercover to track and report on an arms dealer when her partner (played by Jude Law) doesn’t return from his mission and another field agent’s identity is compromised.

The opening scene with its enticing setting and music reminded us of a classy James Bond film. We were drawn in completely when stylishly dressed Jude Law appeared, introducing us to the world of highly skilled spies and pollen allergy. The right tone for the rest of the film was set.

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“Wild Card” Review: Classy Jazzy Jay

I was able to have the chance to watch “Wild Card” and let me say this: nobody does it better than Jason Statham. Though most people would think the film was bad, I actually thought it was good and decent overall. The acting from the cast was pretty good. The setting and the music made the whole movie look so classy.

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French fans review Jason Statham’s “Wild Card”

“Wild Card” opened in France cinemas on Wednesday, January 14, 2015 and two devoted French fans already watched the film and shared their thoughts with us.

Nicolas: As for me the movie is very good. There are two little stories, some fight scènes who are very good. Just one with a bad music, Simon West should have chosen a action music like the others scenes. The cast is good, Jason is excellent, Milo Ventimiglia could have Been better but the rest of the cast is good. For me, the movie was long but its a very good movie with Statham in 2015. Now i waiting Fast and furious 7 and Spy.

Sylvain: Wild Card is not an another action movies without story and feelings. Wild Card is deeper than 2 or 3 Gun Fights and car chases,this movie for me speak also about freedom and to make the right choice !!! Jason play Nick a gambler with a big heart who will face his destiny. Jason is excellent like always our favorite brit will kick some butt lol Wild Card is an Awesome movie with a Great story a beautiful photography of Vegas by Night and a good soundtracks !!! But remember what happens in vegas stays in vegas.

We can’t wait to finally check it out ourselves at the end of this month.

Our “Homefront” Review: Whatever you are thinking, rethink it
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Our “Homefront” Review: Whatever you are thinking, rethink it


We were fortunate enough to attend an advance screening of “Homefront” in Boston, Massachusetts yesterday, November 20, 2013 and here is our short and sweet and spoiler-free review for you.

Jason Statham plays former DEA agent Phil Broker whose past catches up with him when he tries to start a new life with his daughter Maddy. They move to the quiet town Rayville in Lousiana when Maddy is confronted with a bully at her school whose parents are big trouble.

We have to say nothing prepared us for the opening scene of the film. It was so unexpected and puzzled us that we thought we were watching a completely different film. None of the trailers and clips released so far hinted towards any of that, so we really enjoyed the element of surprise.

The plot was easy to follow yet unpredictable in every way. Each action resulted in a reaction that complicated everything and made the overall situation for everyone involved worse. And that led to some very amusing scenarios in between which distinguished the characters’ motives wonderfully.

We also found that the many action-packed and sometimes very brutal scenes were well played out by the cast. Needless to say that Jason Statham showed them all who the boss was even though he had to take some beating himself for a short time. But in the end we knew he would come out alright because he was… well, Jason Statham.

And then there were these very sweet and emotional moments between Jason Statham and his on-screen daughter Izabela Vidovic, which balanced out everything heavy and dark in the film just like sunlight on a gloomy day. Their wonderful chemistry was without a doubt the heart of the story.

Our conclusion is that the simple story line surprised us with its many unforeseen layers throughout the film, and the intriguing main characters were portrayed by a terrific cast which harmonized perfectly on the big screen. Especially James Franco, Frank Grillo, Kate Bosworth and Winona Ryder had our full attention when we weren’t busy with admiring Jason Statham’s mad fighting skills.

So we give “Homefront” a 7/10 rating because we would have loved to see more personal interaction between the characters, and a 10/10 for the breathtaking filming locations in Louisiana which gave the film itself personality.