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New interview and photoshoot of Jason Statham featured in “Esquire” Latinoamérica – May 2017

A huge thank you goes out to Claudia Murillo and Elena María Cobano Parrilla for translating the interview for us. Enjoy the high-quality scans and happy reading.

Page 14: 206. Statham. The action movie actor par excellence returns to add adrenaline to Fast and Furious 8.

Page 206: The British actor Jason Statham, the living definition of action, takes part in a new take for the most famous shocking street races saga, Fast and Furious. And for Esquire, there was no better way to celebrate the eighth part than with a chat with him.

Page 207: Jason’s suit and T-shirt by John Smedley.

Page 208: JASON STATHAM. We believe that we know what it means to be an action man. The truth is that Jason breaks with every definition of this and no, obviously it´s not the one we see in the dictionary; with him, it´s just what we see on the screen. The actor chats with us about his two big passions, films and the scenes that take him to the maximum level of adrenaline. In this new chapter of the Fast and Furious saga, the actor comes back with his role of Deckard Shaw to show us that neither the bars of steel nor the same The Rock can go against him.

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“The Fate Of The Furious” news roundup featuring all things Jason Statham

The film’s cast is featured in the British magazine “Total Film” May 2017 edition. Spoilers ahead so proceed with caution.

Michelle Rodriguez about working with Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham: “They’re ballers, you know?” Rodriguez marvels. “They come from that world that died in the ‘90s. They bring it back to life in full force.”

Several promotional posters and banners had been released a while ago. You can find them all in our gallery.

Jason gave a short interview about the eighth installment which was recorded during the press junket in Los Angeles, California on February 23, 2017.

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Jason Statham on the cover of “Men’s Health” UK – April 2017 edition

What a joy to be spoiled with a brand new photoshoot of our favorite Brit. As usual he was photographed by his pal Dan Smith during his time filming “MEG” in Auckland, New Zealand. The magazine also features a very lengthy interview with Jason about his workout, turning 50 this summer and that he wants to be in “The Expendables 4” but that there is no real concept for it yet.


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Old interview with Jason Statham for “Sky” magazine in 2000

Thanks to photographer Jamie Beeden (he did the photo shoot) for sending us this rare and fantastic magazine scan featuring such a lovely interview with our favorite Brit. Back then Jason had just started out in the acting world and was promoting his films “Snatch” and “Ghosts of Mars.” He was also really open because he wasn’t famous yet and shared a bit more about his personal life.

What’s the strangest thing that’s happened to you ‘cos of Lock, Stock?

Well, it’s pretty strange being given loads of free clothes. Strange but nice, obviously. Also, the producer’s got some big friends in the States and they flew us by private jet to Vegas. You do pinch yourself. You think what the fuck am I doing on a jet, I’m used to the bus.

What’s the weirdest place you’ve been recognised?

It’s been more of an overall appreciation for the film rather than people saying, “There’s that useless c**t from Lock, Stock.” It’s weird that even now – two years later – people will still come up to me and say, “Fucking brilliant film, mate, loved it.”

When did you last see Vinnie Jones?

Really recently actually. I was in America, staying in this little hotel, and I was really lonely. He turned up and said, “Get the fuck out of there, come and stay at my house.” He’s just the nicest person – I can’t say enough good things about him. It’s a lovely atmosphere with the Jones boy, his door’s always open. There’s a bunch of English guys out there at the moment who’ve got a five-a-side football team together – they call it Hollywood United – so we might have a game when I get there. I’ll opt for being on the Jones boy’s side – I don’t wanna get my nuts grabbed!

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Jason Statham on the cover of “Free Car Mag”

The latest issue features Jason Statham’s visit to Kitzbühel, Austria back in January.


First of all there were the ski races on the Hahnenkamm in Kitzbuehel which are the highlight of the alpine winter sports season. The most challenging event in the Audi FIS Ski World Cup, the downhill race on the “Streif,” is a special attraction each year for the top sports stars and celebrities from all over the world.

Have you been before?
“No, it’s my first time here so it’s exciting.”

What about the downhill racers?
“There are very few people in the world who can stand up in the fashion they do. You can’t think about the consequences, it is pure adrenalin pumping through the body, pure focus.”

Do you collect cars?
“Guys like cars, it’s just one of those things. You fantasise about owning something that goes fast. When you work your way up, you get the next one, the faster one. It becomes an obsession.”

Are you OK when you are not driving?
“I’m a good passenger, I try to show a bit of faith in who is driving, so I don’t grip the dashboard and pull my nails out.”

Why Audi?
“I think it is all about the build, quality and the amazing race team. They embody what a driver would be looking for, the rigidity of the build, the excellence of the engine, the performance and the handling. The whole brand stands out in the way that it should. The proof is in the pudding. Get behind the wheel, take it for a spin. I particularly like the sports versions, they are second to none.”


We have also updated our post Jason Statham at “Audi Night” in Kitzbühel, Austria with more videos.