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Jason Statham: One of the first fascinations I had with the underwater world was watching “The Big Blue” visited the set of “MEG” at Auckland Film Studios in New Zealand in December 2016 and got to interview our favorite Brit and director Jon Turteltaub.

When asked if he’d [Jon Turteltaub] consulted with others about the technical aspects of shooting so much of a film on the water, the director answered in the affirmative. “I did. First of all, Jason’s done a ton and was very helpful in telling me how badly it was going to go: “It’s so hard. It’s horrible. It’s water. It’s a mess.” And he’s right. It’s tough. But I’ve talked with a lot of people, not just about shooting out in the water, but shooting in a tank, and what to do to make that look good, based on all the people who called and said, “Here’s what to do to make it look bad” So we’ve improved on it a lot”.

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Jason Statham: If they make me the next Bond they won’t have to pay for a double

Skylife chatted with our favorite Brit about “Mechanic: Resurrection,” his strong work ethic, staying fit and healthy, and his interest in becoming the next James Bond. Such a great interview that highlights why we admire Jason.

You’re an assassin in the movie but the audience loves your character. What do you think makes Arthur Bishop so likeable?

It’s true. I’m a dutiful assassin in the movie but that’s in the DNA of action movies. The good and the bad confront one another, or the good may have to do bad things but become the heroes anyways. The latest movie of the series shows different sides of Arthur. I think the audience will love him even more.

You’ve always been praised for your professional ethics.

Yes, and I’m not going to be humble about that. I started acting at a very late age, I was in my 30s. My father was a mine worker. So this code for professional ethics is something I inherited from my family. It’s very important for me to arrive early on set and leave late, examine the script, and stick to my diet and exercise schedule.

What do you pay attention to in your diet and exercise regime?

I diligently stick to my diet. It’s rich in protein and lacks sugar and any kind of chemicals. I have a varied exercise schedule. I control my body and I’m doing the best I can do to keep it at the ultimate level.

You’ve openly expressed your desire to be the new James Bond.

Yes, I’m British and was a fan of James Bond movies while I was growing up. I always loved the cars, the setting, and the guns in James Bond movies since I was a kid. If they make me the next Bond they won’t have to pay for a double (laughs). So it’ll cost them less money!

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Jason Statham talks about his character in “Mechanic: Resurrection”

A new interview with our favorite Brit about the sequel is featured in Us Weekly (Issue 1111) – May 30, 2016.

Q: What made you want to come back to play Arthur?

It’s nice to revisit a familiar character and put him in a unique world, especially Arthur. He is a complicated man – with a moral compass.

Q: How did ou handle such intense stunt work?

We choreographed each sequence to have its own personality. The action really complements the story line.

Q: You filmed in so many exotic locales: Bulgaria, Brazil… Which was your favorite?

Of all the amazing locations, I’d say Thailand. It gave us such a beautiful backdrop.

Q: How do you rate Jessica Alba as your love interest?

She’s the perfect protagonist to drag Arthur Bishop back into his old line of work.

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Jason Statham about “Spy:” I would love to do another one of these

Tom Pitney from had a chance to talk with Jason Statham about his role in “Spy” and here is an excerpt from the interview:

What was it that convinced you to take on a comedic role?

It wasn’t a calculated decision. I caught up with Paul Feig, meeting him and I love his movies. So I was intrigued to know what he was up to. He told me he was a big action movie fan and said he’d seen pretty much every movie I’ve done.

Which I found again, like really?! I had to scratch my head. He named Crank and he named all of my films. He said I really want to put you in the next movie I’m going to do. He’s so charming and he’s so talented that you could never say no to the man.

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“Spy” will be out on DVD/Blu-ray in Australia on September 30, 2015.

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Jason Statham’s photoshoot fun for “Esquire”

Jason Statham covers the “Esquire” June/July 2015 US edition now available on newsstands. Aside from an amusing new photoshoot done at an amusement park in Los Angeles in March, our favorite Brit takes us back to when he used to be a diver and “fly pitcher.” His words are honest and his humbleness is his most attractive feature. He is a man’s man who doesn’t take himself too seriously and knows how to have a good laugh. But it’s his hard work, discipline, and commitment that brought him to where he is today: a true action hero like no other and a role model to millions of people.

“I really enjoyed working with Guy Ritchie. One, it gave me a career, and two, they’re probably a couple of the best films I’ve ever done. I thought The Bank Job was a really quality movie. Even working with Luc Besson and doing The Transporter, one and two—pretty good. The Crank movie—I thought that was decent.” Here he takes a little breath, then lets himself off the hook. “And the rest is shite.”

A big laugh follows before he retreats. “No, no: I take that back. I mean, you do a lot of films. You’re always aiming for something and trying to push yourself to do something good. A movie, it’s like a very complicated timepiece. There’s a lot of wheels in a watch. And some of those wheels, if they don’t turn right, then, you know, the watch ain’t gonna tell the time.”

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