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No more waiting around to watch the best comedy of the year over and over again. “Spy” is finally available on DVD/Blu-ray and you can get your copy on Amazon.com. To find out what special features are included, we listed the Blu-ray extras a while back.

UK residents have to wait a little longer as the film won’t be out on DVD/Blu-ray until November 9, 2015. However, you can already pre-order your copy on Amazon.co.uk.

As for our “Spy” giveaway, we received a lot of awesome entries and notified the winner via email today.

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WSJ has shared an alternate scene from “Spy” included on the upcoming Blu-ray and it is by far one of the most brilliant moments. In the scene, Jason Statham and Allison Janney fight over who will go on the mission to hunt down De Luca (played by Bobby Cannavale). In the original version, Statham wants to use the “Face-Off” machine to go undercover undetected but in this new clip he suggests a different idea: a letter with a picture of him delivered by an angry bird.

“Anytime Statham was involved it became mayhem,” director Paul Feig said. “And that would get us writing crazier and crazier jokes for him. I’d be laughing so hard, I’d be crying behind the monitor. There were some runs that were so ridiculous, we couldn’t even put them in the movie.”

September 8th, 2015   JStatham.com Team   4 Comments  

Birth.Movies.Death. was given a sneak peek of a “Spy” featurette focusing on Jason Statham’s character Rick Ford. This awesome clip comes with many behind the scenes moments and gets us extremely excited for all the extras included on the upcoming DVD/Blu-ray.

Yes, Jason Statham has always been this funny and it is certainly no revelation if you followed his career over the years.

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To celebrate the release of “Spy” on Digital HD, we are giving away one Amazon gift card worth $25. With that you can purchase and download the digital version or use it to buy the DVD/Blu-ray released on September 29, 2015. Make sure you read the rules carefully and participate only if you are able to use the gift card on Amazon.com.

  • To enter our giveaway, email us at jstathamcom@gmail.com with the subject line “Spy Giveaway” and tell us in a few words why you would make a great spy.
  • One entry per person.
  • Be original and creative in your answer.
  • Once again, this gift card will work only on Amazon.com.

You have until September 28, 2015 at 11:59 PM (EDT) to submit your email. We will pick a winner then.

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The extended edition of “Furious Seven” and the unrated version of “Spy” are now available on iTunes. Both films come with iTunes extras and are each $14.99, so enjoy the awesomeness that is our favorite Brit Jason Statham.


We will add high quality screen captures of Jason Statham’s appearances in both films very soon.

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Paul Feig’s superb comedy “Spy” will be available on Digital HD on September 4, 2015 and on DVD/Blu-ray on September 29, 2015. All three formats include the extended cut of the film (not seen in theaters) and you can already pre-order your physical copy on Amazon.

But that’s not all. The Blu-ray format is loaded with so many awesome bonus features, you will need an extra day or two to watch them all.


  • Unrated Cut
  • 3 Redacted Scenes
  • 15 Classified Alternate Scenes
  • Top Secret Gag Reel
  • Extra Top Secret Behind-the-Scenes Gag Reel
  • Director of Intelligence Feig Makes the Cast Do His Bidding
  • Susan and Her Men
  • Super Villain Rayna Can’t Keep it Together
  • Super Vermin
  • The Many Deaths of Anton
  • The Trouble With Covers
  • The Great Rick Ford
  • For Your Eyes Only: Jokes-A-Plenty
  • The Handsy World of Spies
  • Speaking is an Art Form
  • Super Villains of the Animal World
  • How SPY Was Made – 8 Behind the Scenes Featurettes
  • Gallery
  • The Filmmakers Tell You How SPY Was Made While You Watch The Movie! aka The Commentary Track (Jessie Henderson, John Vecchio, Paul Feig, Robert Yeoman, Walter Garcia)

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