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Jason Statham featured in photo book “DECADE”

British photographer Jamie Beeden released a numbered edition of his photo book “DECADE,” featuring photographs from 1998-2008. It also includes a gorgeous photo shoot he did with our favorite Brit in London, UK in 2000. We were lucky enough to get our hands on one which comes in hard cover, is cloth bound and has a unique cover mount. Of course we wanted ours to be of Jason and the photographer happily chose one for us and also told us about working with him.


Jamie Beeden: He was great to photograph, very friendly and funny and didn’t take himself too seriously, it was early on in his acting career and I got the impression that he couldn’t believe his luck!

If you want to purchase a copy of this rare photo book, visit

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Watch Jason Statham’s audition tape from 1997

It has been a while since we were able to share a rare treasure involving our favorite Brit Jason Statham until today. Thanks a lot to Mark, we were sent a video link to an audition tape from 1997 for the PC videogame Soccer Nation. The clip is from the final casting session featuring the actors who were eventually hired.

Final Audition

TV Commercial

How is that for a treat?

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Meet guest writer Tom M. from Sheffield, England

Hello, I am Tom, I live in Sheffield, England and I am 16 years old. I have just finished school and completed all my exams. I have a beautiful girlfriend and we have been dating for over a year. I actually found this site in search for an address to send fan mail and to request an autograph of Jason Statham, but he currently does not do that. Since 2009 I have admired Jason and his work, and because he was born in Shirebrook, England which is quite close to home, I was proud to be near his home town. Being part of this amazing fan site has made me feel proud to be a fan of Jason. I suppose I would like to be part of the team because it seems one step closer to Jason. We can all share thoughts of Jason, which will bring people together as we can discuss cool stuff about him.

Frankly, Frank Martin got me hooked. I started out watching “Transporter 3” as it was on TV at that time. Was it the black, sleek, shiny Audi A8 or was it the smart suit he wore? There was something about Jason which got me interested. Personally, I like his strong British accent and style but what I love most is his martial arts skills; it is like he is invincible, he knows every self defence move under the sun. The way he talks, moves and fights is all unique and modern. Another favourite which got me obsessed was “Blitz.” Jason plays an angry British cop who won’t let anything or anyone get in the way. A crazy mad man goes round London executing cops who ever arrested him, but Brant (Jason Statham) must put a stop to these ludicrous killings. People often ask me why I like Jason so much and I wonder, how can you not like him so much? Have you seen him? He is fearsome yet caring, violent but loving. He has a box full of emotions, you can choose any emotion, and Jason will portray that emotion in a film he has starred in. You cannot get bored of his films, they are so nerve rattling, adventurous, action packed. Once you see him in action, he is locked in your head and always will be.

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Watch two lengthy documentaries about the making of “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” and “Snatch”

Today we bring you two old goodies from the time when Jason Statham started his acting career in Guy Ritchie’s phenomenal “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” and “Snatch.” Both videos take you behind the scenes of these two films with lots of interesting information and great interviews with the cast.

Making of “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”

Making of “Snatch”

Source: The Film Stage

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Go behind the scenes of “Safe” and watch Jason Statham film a train roof scene for over five minutes

With no news at the moment, we thought it would be a good time to share another rare treasure, thanks to myxenawp. Her dad managed to film over five minutes of Jason Statham shooting a scene for his film “Safe” back in December 2010 in Pennsylvania, and the video is really fantastic. We get to watch our favorite Brit at work and also learn more about the magic of film making that clearly requires a lot of patience and train roof cleaning.

myxenawp: I am VERY happy to reveal this item. I have the BEST Dad ever!!! My Dad was lucky enough to be working in the right place. He called me at home one day and asked me if I knew who Jason Statham was so of course I told him YES!!! So he proceeded to tell me that Jason was shooting a new movie and some of it was being filmed at my Dad’s work. My dad works for Septa which is the public transportation system here in PA and they were using Septa’s trains for their shots when Jason climbs on top of one. Well I couldn’t believe it…what a Lucky Duck!!! My Dad was given a Crew Call Sheet from a stunt guy and it was to the previous location which was filmed in Chinatown. The Stunt guy couldn’t give him the one from my Dad’s work cause they were still in the process of using it but I was thrilled to hear he got one!!! So the next week when Jason was on set my Dad caught him at the right time and asked Jason to sign the sheet for me. Isn’t that the BEST!!! The movie is called Safe and Statham plays an x-elite agent who rescues a little girl from kidnappers and finds himself in the middle of a standoff between Triads, The Russian Mafia and Corrupt New York City Politicians and Police. Looks to be another good one from Jason!! Sweet!!! Can’t wait to see it now!! I added some pics of Jason on set at my Dad’s work and also uploaded 2 videos my Dad shot. Too Cool!!! A BIG Thank You to my Dad. I LOVE YOU!!!! :)