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After years of admiring the man from afar, I finally had the chance to see him in person. Although everything happened rather quickly because of the big crowd, I felt privileged to watch Jason arrive in a sleek black Mercedes and go straight to the fans. I had been told many times before how kind he always is and how much time he spends with his fans, and now I can say I have seen his humbleness with my own two eyes. While his cast mates arrived in ridiculously huge black Escalades and most of them couldn’t be bothered to attend to the waiting fans outside, Jason was the ONLY one who made it about them and not himself. He went down the long line, signed autographs and took photos never mind the waiting press and photographers inside the venue. In my opinion, you can tell a true star by the way he/she interacts with his/her fans and Jason genuinely is a class act. He made everyone feel equally important and gave back so much love that I have nothing but more admiration for him. Enjoy the few photos I managed to snap of him.

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Jason Statham still makes it into the books

Though our favorite Brit is seen in magazines, Jason tends to make it into the books based on his creditability in action films. Here are some scans from “Movie Chronicles” by Ian Haydn Smith and “101 Action Movies To See Before You Die” by Steven Jay Schneider, which you can find in our gallery.

Movie Chronicles

101 Action Movies To See Before You Die

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We are super excited to share yet another rarity of our favorite Brit with you. He was photographed by Philippe Bordas for the French edition of the magazine “Max,” modeling for big name sports brands. We are certain you will love these gorgeous photos as much as we do.

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Extra talks about working with Jason Statham on “Mechanic: Resurrection”

Willy Zogo (@wil02zo) had the privilege to be in a prison scene with our favorite Brit, which was filmed in Chanthaburi, Thailand back in December 2014.

Willy: If I have to describe Jason Statham I will say he is a hard worker. I have seen him working without resting till he gets what he wants. In fact he’s a perfectionist, he won’t mind go over a scene again and again until the scene is perfect and I think this is why he is the best in this industry. And he is down to heart a very humble person I was surprised myself.

Celebrate Jason Statham’s birthday with us
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Celebrate Jason Statham’s birthday with us

With our favorite Brit’s upcoming birthday on July 26th, we thought it would be a nice idea to collect birthday wishes from his admirers around the world and share them on here. You can put together a photo collage, make a video tribute, write a poem or do something else creative. You have free rein.

Please keep in mind we are not in contact with Jason and cannot promise you that he will see any of the messages dedicated to him. It’s really just about sharing the love we all have for this talented actor and wonderful person and sending positive vibes his way. So, if you are still interested in participating then follow these steps:

1. Anything related to Jason’s private life is off limits. Keep your birthday greeting appropriate and focused on his career.

2. Be sure your birthday greeting is original. If you just want to wish him a happy birthday, you can do so in the comment section on the day we publish the birthday post.

3. Include your nickname (no full name), state (optional) and country and send your birthday greeting (send us the link if it’s a video) with the subject line “My birthday greeting for Jason” to until July 24th.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or need help with something in particular. We are more than happy to assist you whatever way we can.