6 Comments on “Another new “Wild Card” clip starring Jason Statham”

  1. noticing the facial reaction of jason in the movie we cannot deny to smile and hears his accent hmmm funny

    1. It’s such a good and entertaining scene. His performance is nothing but flawless. We can’t wait to watch the film in a few days.

  2. New “Furious 7” trailer coming soon!I Can’t wait to see him beating Hobbs and Toretto.Hope it will show him in a driving stunt too.

    1. We are most excited about “Wild Card” right now. He’s gonna be in almost every scene and we couldn’t be happier about that.

      1. Lucky you.Unfortunately I won’t be able to watch it for almost three months and by then you will have watched two of his upcoming movies many times already and I couldn’t be unhappier about that.

        1. We understand your frustration, Iman, but all that counts is that you’ll eventually get to watch his films too. And we hope you will.

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