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A Must See Film: Jason Statham as “Monk” in “Mean Machine”

We have just watched the 2001 British comedy “Mean Machine” and urge every Jason Statham fan to check it out. Although he doesn’t have a lot of scenes, the ones he has are beyond hilarious and show his natural comedic side beautifully. Aside from that, we really enjoyed the film as a whole and highly recommend it to all who want to watch an Indie comedy with a lot of heart, humor and a wonderful cast.

Synopsis: From the producer of “Snatch” comes this rousing, rough-and-tumble story that shows spirit and heart can exist in the most unlikely places… and in the most unlikely men.

Ex-soccer star Danny Meehan (Vinnie Jones) was sitting on top of the world… until a sports-fixing scam ruined his career and an assault charge landed him in jail. When the prison’s soccer-crazed warden (David Hemmings) asks Danny to coach the guards’ soccer team, Danny counters with another idea: a match between the guards and the convicts. For the inmates, it’s the dream of a lifetime: a dirty-no-hold-barred chance to face the malicious guards. But first, Danny must turn a group of murderers, thieves and madmen into something unthinkable: a team.

Based on the film classic “The Longest Yard,” “Mean Machine” scores with its lineup of gritty action, colorful characters and hilarious comedy.

Eventually, we’ll be adding the film page along with screen captures, film stills and more. For now, we have made you a high-quality wallpaper featuring Jason Statham as “Monk” in his first scene in the film. Enjoy!



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