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First film still of Jason Statham and Jessica Alba in “Mechanic: Resurrection”

We are thrilled that promotion for “The Mechanic” sequel is finally starting. No news on a trailer yet but it shouldn’t be very long now. Enjoy the photo in high quality.

“Mechanic: Resurrection” will be out on August 26, 2016. For more detailed info, visit our film page.

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Jason Statham in talks to star in “Meg”


Based on Steve Alten’s novel of the same name and the first in the series, “Meg” is about a massive pre-historic shark that resurfaces to wreak havoc along the China coast. Jon Turteltaub is attached to direct. Warner Bros is moving forward with the project in conjunction with China-based Gravity.

We will let you know as soon as our favorite Brit’s involvement is officially confirmed.

Source: Deadline

“Fast 8” starts principal photography
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“Fast 8” starts principal photography

Filming has officially began with F. Gary Gray (“Straight Outta Compton,” “The Italian Job”) as the new director. Vin Diesel confirmed that it will be set in New York City. Jason Statham will be back to reprise his role as Deckard Shaw and is expected to start filming in mid-April. He will reunite with “The Italian Job” co-star Charlize Theron who will play the bad girl in the eighth installment. While there is no synopsis yet, we imagine she could be the one who breaks Shaw out of prison.


We already can’t wait for the first few set photos to surface of our favorite Brit back in action.

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Jason Statham takes over the world in LG’s G5 commercial

The full TV spot was released on April 1, 2016. It’s such a crazy, fun and awesome advertisement showing our favorite Brit’s great sense of humor. To take a closer look, check out our high quality screen captures which will make you realize there are many more Jasons (there are even two ads of him inside the subway).

A fantastic ad was also released, featuring multiple Jasons. This one will be most likely used for magazines and displayed at stores, so let us know should you come across one.

D. Masters shared a photo of the subway used in the commercial on his Instagram. He was one of the people who got to work with Jason in Los Angeles, California where everything was filmed on a studio lot and sound stage. However, the subway station in the spot is a New York City one.


It was a lot of work but a lot of fun and it was worth it to see it paid off in the finished product! :-) No sorry that’s the number 1 rule on set no pics of talent! Cos we’re at work so we have a job to do! He [Jason] was a super nice bloke to work with! Nothing but good things to say about him! Top bloke!

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Screen captures of Jason Statham in “The Transporter;” film page launches

Frank Martin was the role that made us discover our favorite Brit. Enjoy over thousand high quality screen captures available only in our gallery.

We have also finally set up the film page with plenty of information, some rare on set photos and more.