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Screen Captures of Jason Statham in “The Pink Panther”

Our photo gallery has been updated with high quality screen captures of Jason Statham in the 2006 Shawn Levy-directed comedy “The Pink Panther” starring Steve Martin. Jason Statham portrays the coach of the French soccer team, Yves Gluant, in the beginning of the film. He shares a sweet kiss with R&B beauty Beyoncé Knowles, who plays his girlfriend and international pop star Xania, and then gets murdered with a poison dart on the soccer field when the French soccer team celebrates its victory against the Chinese.

We have also added a photo of Jason Statham and production manager Philip Waley on the set of “The Pink Panther.”


Jason Statham shows off his high diving skills in Yello’s “To the Sea” music video
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Jason Statham shows off his high diving skills in Yello’s “To the Sea” music video

Jason Statham was one of the divers in the 1997 music video “To the Sea” by the Swiss electronic band Yello, and we are more than excited to share this awesome clip and screen captures with you. While his dubious clothing ensured quite a chuckle (let alone the horrible 90s music), his graceful diving posture made up for it instantly and had us gape at him in awe. And we have a feeling we won’t be alone with this reaction. Enjoy!

The music video was directed by Paul Morgans, who uploaded the clip three years ago. You can download the file here.

Thanks to Dawn for letting us know about Jason Statham’s appearance in this music video.

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“Fast & Furious 7” gets ready to film in the United Arab Emirates

Tyrese Gibson recently teased on his official Facebook Page that “Fast and Furious 7” would be heading to the United Arab Emirates soon.

UAE!!!! Excited to be headed to #AbuDhabi soon. …. Bringing my whole Fast Family!!! Paul we love you and miss you bro!!! It’s about to happen in the UAE get ready!!!

We know it’s nothing official as script revisions are still underway until it is confirmed otherwise, but it certainly gets us very excited for new set photos of our favorite Brit Jason Statham.

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“Fast & Furious 6” Extended Edition on Blu-ray offers exclusive first look at “Fast & Furious 7”

We would like to remind everyone that the “Fast & Furious 6” Extended Edition on Blu-ray comes with an exclusive look at “Fast & Furious 7.” You get to watch a whole scene of the seventh installment, and believe us when we say you don’t want to miss out on that. Why? Because its incredible intensity sets the tone for the whole film and also features Jason Statham’s hot ride.

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Jason Statham and Wesley Snipes compare lengths in new “The Expendables 3” photo

ExpendablesPremiere posted an awesome “The Expendables 3” shot of Jason Statham and Wesley Snipes in a measuring contest … of their knives, of course. What did you think?

We really love Jason Statham’s wardrobe and can’t wait to see him in action on the big screen this August.

Thanks to our regular contributor Ashley for helping us with the updates.