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1994 Magazine Ads of Jason Statham modeling for several clothing lines

As we all know, Jason Statham used to model for different clothing lines before he entered the world of acting and became one of Hollywood’s Finest. Not much is known or documented about his early beginnings, so the more exciting it is when something from that time surfaces.

The first 1994 two-page ad was featured in the “The Face” magazine and had Jason Statham model for the British clothing line Jigsaw Menswear. They even wrote a little blog post about it here.

The second 1994 three-page ad was featured in the magazine “Arena Homme Plus” autumn/winter edition, purchased by us on eBay. We have never seen this particular shoot before and we are thrilled to share it with you today. *We would be thankful if you could credit us for these photos and link to our website in case you share it with others.*


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